Q: Is any one pea (Canadian, Maple, etc.) better then the other for breeding youngsters? Also is there a differance in protein content in the various peas used for pigeon feed?

Most peas are very similar. There certainly is not enough difference, especially in protein, for us to worry about.

In general, I buy peas based on which variety is priced better at the time I need them. For the last several years I have been using Canadian (Trapper) peas, free choice out of a hopper, with my breeders. There have been times when Austrian peas were priced very similar. Then of course, I used both.

If the price is similar, I include as much variety in grain as possible. I think it is even to our advantage to use grains that are grown in different geographic areas. The mineral content of soil changes from one place to another and can be depleted or richer in content.

Also, we don't know enough about the analysis of grain or even what is good for the pigeons, which is another reason I want variety. So often we deal with self-proclaimed experts, not scientific fact. Therefore, it seems to me that the more variety there is, the better it is for the birds.

But going back to the peas -- sometimes the price can be double from one variety to the next based on availability. At that point I always go with the economy price.