Q: How do I mate one cock with 2 hens?

The easiest way is also very simple. I rotate the cock on 2 hens. You need no special facilities. He can be right in with your regular breeding pigeons. You simply mate your good cock to a new hen this year. Let him have eggs with the new hen. When the eggs are at least one week old, check all the eggs of your other birds -- chances are you will have a clear set someplace. So you foster the eggs from your good cock underneath the pair with the clear eggs.

Your good cock with his new hen will now have a second set of eggs 10 days later. You take the hen and eggs out as soon as they are laid, and foster them out again.

The next day, you bring back the cock's hen from last year. It will be love at first sight again and you will get 2 more sets of eggs from his old hen. Only take 2 sets of eggs in a row from a hen in the beginning of the year. After that you need to rest the hen a month or even better, six weeks. It is very important that you always use a healthy hen that is full of vitality, especially when you raise youngsters that you will fly. Use your older hens later in the season to breed your stock birds.

The next time around, you need to let the cock and the hen hatch their eggs. Then you can move the newly hatched youngsters again if something matches up in the loft.

If you want to carry this one step further, the following year you give the cock a new mate for his first set of eggs again. Then follow with the hen that he likes the least of the 2 hens from the year before, and then his favorite hen. You will not have any trouble determining which is his favorite hen. He will show you. But if you go in that sequence, he will accept the hens readily and you will get a lot of production out of your best cock with no special facilities.