Q: Why didn't my pair of birds feed their two young birds at the same time? They only fed one and the other is dying. It's happened two times. What can I do? Please help me!!

Your breeders do not selectively feed one youngster and not the other. It would be my guess that you have canker and one youngster in the nest tolerates it better than the other one. The one that does not tolerate it of course is the one that cannot swallow, and therefore stops eating.

A few basic things to remember with canker -- there are many forms. Of course the most common is the cheesy substance in the throat or an inflamed navel. However, canker strikes many organs in the body. Also, all birds carry a certain amount of canker.

It is when you get out of proportion that you get in trouble. Be sure to alternate your canker medications. Do not use the same medication all the time. Treat with one kind and the next time treat with a different kind. In other words, alternate. Use Emtryl, flagyl, and ridzol. Ridzol used to be the cadillac, but many people have used it regularly one or 2 days for a week during the racing season and their birds have become immune to it. Use your canker medication at least 5 consecutive days so the birds do not build up an immunity.