Figo at Hackemer Lofts
Speed, Brains, and Determination

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The Figo is one of the most influential breeders to come out of Europe in the last 15 years, and his bloodlines are having an impact worldwide. So, who has Figo offspring here in the United States, and are they really that good?

The answer is simple: Hackemer Lofts currently stocks four children of the Figo, and they, like their siblings before them, have proven to be phenomenal breeders. Over the years our Figo children have bred 8 AU Registered Champions, our sport's measure of superior performance in the United States. We have no doubt that we'll see more in the future.

But it doesn't end there. The Figo is so prepotent that his grandchildren have been equally effective as breeders. Those bred at Hackemer Lofts have proven it by producing an additional 7 AU Registered Champions.

AU Registered Champions Bred by Hackemer Lofts' Figo Offspring
  • 04 GHC 2640
  • 04 GHC 2742
  • 04 FSIF 309
  • 04 FSIF 310
  • 05 GHC 2538
  • 05 GHC 10693
  • 08 GHC 998
  • 09 GHC 5407

AU Registered Champions Bred by Offspring of Hackemer Lofts' Figo Children
  • 07 GHC 19183
  • 08 GHC 821
  • 08 GHC 834
  • 09 GHC 2848
  • 09 GHC 5465
  • 09 GHC 20503
  • 09 GHC 20521

You can see the Figo's impact throughout the pedigrees listed on this site, where every AU Registered Champion is noted in red, bold text. Contact us at to learn more about the finest collection of Figo pigeons in the United States.