Welcome to Hackemer Lofts and thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you will find something to interest you as a fellow pigeon fancier. We feel that much of the information offered here, developed from our years of experience, is timeless and may be helpful.

We flew in the Chicago area for almost 50 years, the last 35+ with the North Valley Combine. Hackemer Lofts is an All-American loft with an enviable and consistent flying record. We have qualified 31 AU Champions. 17 of those were earned in the Chicago area; in Florida, we have qualified an additional 14 AU Champions.

Since moving to Florida, I strive to breed pigeons that have the stamina to excel with speed, determination, and one-day racing ability, not marathoners. I am not interested in competing in the long drawn-out races.

Our present colony of birds emphasizes speed and determination. You will see the impact of direct children of the Figo cock, the well-known First National winner from Bourges. We also feature Jesse, son of James from Casaert, and Crazy Horse, the direct son of Vanderbeele’s Bliksem.

In Year 2000, we began flying as the Boys Club at our new home in Florida with the Gulfcoast Homing Club, the largest club in the USA (http://gulfcoasthomingclub.com/). This hotbed of pigeon racing is where the best come to compete. Races are decided by seconds and success is not whether you are first, but whether you place on the front page. At the GHC, we fly Saturdays and another complete series, known as the Sprint Series, on Mondays. The Sprint races are from 100 to 200 miles. At times we also fly races on Wednesdays at Unit 10, our neighborhood club.

Since 2004 we have flown under the name Hackemer/McNeilus. I call Dennis McNeilus my part-time partner. He still lives in Minnesota, but spends much time here. He is our trainer extraordinaire and gets the birds ready for each series.

Complete results from our area are posted on the GHC website, AU website, and Pigeon Mall. I feel that results much beyond 5 years seldom show a loft’s real strength. We have also included a Hackemer Lofts highlight summary on this website.

From time to time we may be offering a few birds for sale on this website. As in the past, quality pigeons are important to us. The reputation of our flying and breeding lofts continues to be based on our integrity, our performance record, and our desire to improve and develop our birds.

We are an active member of both national organizations, the American Racing Pigeon Union and the International Federation.