Son of Figo, a very influential breeder internationally.

Falcon bred for just a little over 2 years here at Hackemer Lofts. In that short period of time he produced some very exceptional flyers, and more importantly, breeders.

He bred 05-GHC-10693, Registered AU Champion.

In the 2006 Flamingo One Loft race, a set of nestmates from him, 06-GHC-5091 and 06-GHC-5092, were on the first drop for Equal First at 350 miles.

Falcon bred the great flying hen 05-GHC-12160, 9 times on the front page. 4--1024 B--122 mi., 9--1058 B--122 mi., 15--1094 B--122 mi., 21--2223 B--217 mi., 25--1747 B--122 mi., 29--1226 B--122 mi., 30--991 B--122 mi., 38--1228 B--156 mi., and 43--2631 B--156 mi.

In the spring when Falcon was a 3-year-old, I considered him to be my best breeding cock. However, I had the offer to trade him for Crazy Horse, a direct son of the famous Vandenabeele Bliksem. Crazy Horse was only a 2-year-old at that time, but he had already bred the second place GHC 300 mile Classic winner against 2485 birds. Crazy Horse went on to be a fantastic breeder for me; in 2007 when mated to the nestmate of Falcon he bred the exceptional hen 07-GHC-19032. This hen as a youngster was first against 2338 birds at 156 miles, first against 2082 birds at 315 miles, and 20th against 2134 birds at 315 miles. She then went on to be a great stock hen.

When I decided to make this trade, I immediately stocked five sons of Falcon. He had been mated to two hens those two years, Ingrid and his half-sister Sunshine. Here is where his potency really became evident.

06 GHC 5137 (Falcon/Ingrid) bred

  • 08 GHC 821, Registered AU Champion
  • 09 GHC 5465, Registered AU Champion
  • 08 GHC 820, 13th Sprint Champion YB. 4--915 B--121 mi., 6--903 B--121 mi., 26--1076 B--156 mi.

05 GHC 12175 (Falcon/Sunshine) bred 08 GHC 834, Registered AU Champion.

05 GHC 12206, (Falcon/Sunshine) bred
  • 08 GHC 970, Top Gun Hen. She was the Top Gun, or Champion Hen of the 2008 Flamingo one loft race series.
  • 09 GHC 5351, the Third Top Gun or Champion Bird of the 2009 Flamingo one loft race series.

07 GHC 19034 (Falcon/Ingrid) bred 08 GHC 813, 2nd Sprint Champion YB. 1--1328 B--94 mi., 1--1076 B--156 mi., 5--915 B--121 mi., 58--1329 B--121 mi.

05 GHC 12203 (Falcon/Sunshine) bred 06 GHC 5192, sire of two Registered AU Champions for Mitch Dejlitko.

As you can see, what Falcon produced in two years with only two hens underscores his great potency. This past winter (2013) I was fortunate enough to be able to buy Falcon and bring him home again. And of course Falcon is now mated with multiple hens.


First National Bourges 2001, FIrst Provincial Champion KBDB 2001, Third National Champion KBDB 2001. Brother of Keizer, 1998 First Provincial Champion. Half-brother of Favori, 1997 First Provincial Champion, through his sire.


Her sire is a half-brother of FIGO through his dam and a half-brother of De Favori, First Provincial winner, through his sire.

7 times First 1996. Son of Goen.
Daughter of Hengst, 14 times First Prize.
His grandsire, De Goen, won 7 firsts in 1996.
Daughter of Blesje.