Q: How do you feed your breeders and flyers?

My breeders basically get a 30% protein feed (that is by volume, not weight). Most of the time this mean 20% turkey pellets and 10% peas. On top of this there are hoppers where they can get peas at any time they want. The balance of their mix is made up of corn, milo, and wheat.

Race birds are fed basically different every day. At the beginning of the week, a light mix such as safflower, wheat, a little barley, milo. Most of the time it is one grain at a time -- this way I adjust for how hard or easy the race was.

In the middle of the week they get what you would normally call a conditioning mix. That again has about 30% peas, 30% corn, milo, safflower, and anything else I might mix into it.

As soon as I see that the birds start to leave their peas (that is towards the end of the week), then we are back to more corn, more safflower. If needed, shelled sunflower, also peanuts, but not every week.