Q: I have an African Grey Parrot and lately I've noticed a moth problem. I keep its seed supply in a tupperware container in a cabinet so I can only assume they are feeding on the seed in his cage. What can I do to get rid of these pests? I've tried everything but they always come back and I don't want to use spray or something that could harm the bird. Help!

Although we are not into anything as high class as African Grey parrots, I guess birds are birds and feed is feed. You are keeping your feed in a Tupperware container, but I believe that is where your problem originates. In other words, there are moth eggs in the feed. At least this is how we acquire moths with pigeon feed. The solution that you are seeking would be to take a stick of Spearmint gum, unwrap it, and place it into the Tupperware container. I'm sure you cannot place the unwrapped gum into the food container that the parrot uses -- I don't think we want a gum-chewing parrot!

Would it be possible, at least for a while, to give the parrot only enough food that he will consume in 15 or 20 minutes? With most animals, that is the preferred way of feeding. It always amazes me when my children or others that I know think that they are good to an animal by putting a large quantity of food in a dish only to let it sit around. It is usually much better to give a pet the amount of food that it consumes in a relatively limited amount of time. In this way you do not have stale food or spoiled food and your pet also associates getting food with you, which is a nice bonding factor.

Good luck with your parrot. I am actually considering acquiring an African Gray should I ever get to the point of retiring to Florida.